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For groups of three or more, CRI has created a program for clients to get recurring, semi-private lessons called Small Class Programs. These programs can be for a family visiting Boston, a competitive sculling group who rows twice a week from April to the head of the Charles or a bunch of friends who like rowing together and want some additional coaching.  

  • The rate for small class programs is significantly less than a private lesson but generally more than the cost of a class – this is a fully customizeable program for our community.
  • These flexible programs benefit our rowers specific interests and coaches similarly.  
  • We’ve raised the number of participants from a max of 4 to a max of 8 for this type of program so coaches can engage more participants if they wish.


How It Works:

Any group of rowers (minimum of 3) may create a recurring semi-private lesson with the amazing coach of their choice and with any stated purpose – fun, skill improvement, winning Masters Worlds.

To create a Small Class Program:

  1. Get your rowing group organized so you can answer the following questions (below).
  2. Get your favorite rock-star coach to agree to work with your group. 
  3. Share the following information with your coach – she or he will take it from there by contacting Nonna and Beatrice about scheduling and timing of the class. 



CRI will work out the rates for each Small Class Program individually.  The rate will depend on the following details.  This is a fully customized program with infinite variation, so we want to price it fairly.

The cost of each Small Class Program will depend upon the following factors:

  • The size of the group
  • The duration of the class (1 hour per class?  90 minutes per class? You name it!)
  • The number of classes (can be anywhere from 10 to 100!)
  • The type of equipment requested (singles, pair/doubles, fours/quads, … all of the above?)
  • The time and day of preferred practice times.  This is a big one – we won’t schedule/reserve equipment for small class programs at the expense of the equipment needs of our regularly scheduled programs. 
  • Other considerations that will improve the experience for our rowers



Other Important Stuff for Small Class Programs:

  • Each individual client must agree to pay the rate for the small class program – payment by clients will not be based on attendance.
  • Payment and Registration must be made prior to the start of the SCP – this is a pre-requisite for participation, just like all other CRI programs.
  • Small Class Programs may not reserve equipment at the expense of regularly scheduled classes or to the detriment of access for other participants. Nonna and Beatrice will determine whether a Small Class Program can be run successfully and communicate clearly to the coach about this.
  • CRI general needs 10 days to create an SCP to reserve the equipment and ensure our resources are properly allocated and communicated.  Please encourage your coach to submit your request for an SCP as early as practical so we can start the communication process.
  • Each individual rower must pay the CRI Facility fee to qualify for this program
  • Financial Aid is not currently available for this program