CRI Innovation Fund

The CRI Innovation Fund was created to increase the growth of rowing as an integral part of American life.  Recognizing that our sport frequently lacks the resources and management expertise to grow, the Innovation Fund seeks to jumpstart innovation by providing financial and management support for ideas that otherwise would not have the opportunity to flourish. 

Leveraging the experience of a seasoned group of venture capitalists and the existing infrastructure at Community Rowing, the Innovation Fund creates a pipeline to explore and test ideas to bring the sport to a new level in the world.   

The Innovation Fund creates a process to review, select, and provide seed money for promising new projects from all over the United States.  Entrepreneurs gain an accessible tool to develop and implement projects for new or improved rowing-related activities that the benefit the rowing community locally and nationally.  The Innovation Fund provides a steppingstone for strong ideas, putting them into a process that includes best-practices education, benchmarking and accountability, giving innovators the scaffolding to create change and growth that otherwise would not have an opportunity to thrive. 

Innovators from around the United States will be encouraged to take advantage of the expertise and management support that exists within the CRI community, although the Committee anticipates that some innovators may choose to remain in their home community.  The founders of the Innovation Fund recognize that the fund is a charitable endeavor; however, agreements with innovators will include a mechanism for successful innovations to reinvest part of their profits in the Innovation Fund to the benefit of the rowing community.


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