Coaching Workshops

 Attend weekend or one-day workshops and learn from the best through hands-on experiences and practical feedback.

Coaching Workshop Calendar

  Coaching Logistics & OrientationCoaching Mission & MethodsCoaching SafetyCoaching Novices
April  4/7/19  4/17/19  4/25/19  
June   6/16/19 6/19/19   6/22/19
6/30/19     6/30/19
July 7/14/19 7/17/19   7/14/19
August 8/25/19   8/29/19 8/25/19
September 9/8/19 9/18/19   9/8/19


Register for Coaching Workshops at CRI!

  • Weekend and one-day workshops
  • Learn, share, and connect with other coaches
  • Access to online learning modules for each course
  • Earn CECs and receive a certificate upon completion
  • Get Hands-on experience and practical feedback
  • Improve coaching performance and safety
CRI Coaching Education Workshop Safety

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CRI Coach Education Safety Workshop