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Articles by CRI staff

by Kynan Reelick

"So many athletes just throw themselves into and through and out of workouts without thinking about the purpose. As a result, they miss many of the inches they could be gaining.  Improvement is something that happens deliberately, with focus and intent, and by looking at workouts in the big picture and setting little goals we can get the most out of every workout every day."

By Brent Bode

"Rowing is predominantly an Aerobic sport.   In order to maintain and/or improve our rowing performance we have many methods in which to train our aerobic capacity. Though our sport is a repetitive movement activity and requires specificity of training there are some advantages to getting off the erg, mainly the reduction of potential overuse injuries and to curb burnout."

"In our last No Erg No Problem installment we introduced strategies for initial changes in exercise modalities.  In this 2nd installment we introduce the benefits of using interval / circuit training to maintain and improve your rowing fitness."

By Anna Juraschek

"The throughline of our love for this sport and our love for each other has nourished us and sustained us. And now, temporarily, our typical mode of gathering and communing has been paused. And I know I need to be refreshed. So, I made a list of some certain truths we know as rowers, truths not relevant only to rowers, but truths familiar to us in that context."

By Chelsea Foster

"This year, Let’s Row Boston launched the Boston Public Schools Indoor Rowing League. Schools submitted weekly data to their CRI coaches that summarized total meters and meters per grade. At the beginning of each week, the total meters for each grade were added onto the Indoor Rowing League website." 

Other recommended articles 

Recommended by Ellen Minzner



Books Selections

CB Sands-Boher's Reading List

Note from CB: "This is an oldie, but a fun read for Pats fans to look back on the early days of the dynasty"

Note from CB: "This book describes life after a severe brain injury and CRI is one of the resources that this family still uses to this day."

Note from CB: "This book has nothing to do with rowing but is a wonderful memoir and the writer is a Charles River Rower.  The follow-up memoir is titled The Escape Artist and has gotten a lot of critical acclaim."

Note from CB: "This is another book that is not about rowing, but the story revolves around women, the sea and a community."

 Brent Bode's Reading List 

Note from Bode:  Have you ever wondered … What is life all about? What is my life’s purpose? Was I born to do or to be something that I cannot identify or “see” at this time? What should I do with my life? How might / how should I spend my time most purposefully on earth?

If this is you, I have a book that might meet you where you are! The book, Let Your Life Speak, by Parker Palmer is a must read for you! Parker is a beautiful author / thinker who through his own experiences shares nuggets of wisdom that may help guide your curiosity and unrest.

See Parker Palmer here (You Tube link

 John Sisk's Reading List

Coach John Sisk's Reading List for Rowing Self-Improvement:




Recommended by Anna Juraschek


Recommended by Andy Sayles


Recommended by Beatrice Sims


More Recommendation from the community




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