CRI Annual Fund

When you give to CRI, you support a Community dedicated to providing the life-changing and transformative sport of rowing to the Greater Boston community including military veterans, Para athletes and Boston Public School students.

CRI’s Annual Fund maintains every part of the CRI budget including financial aid, facility maintenance, equipment purchases and coaching professional development. Gifts to CRI’s Annual Fund have a direct impact on the quality of our programs that our rowers experience every day. The Annual Fund also provides us with the flexibility to respond quickly to new opportunities and to meet unexpected challenges.

We are tremendously grateful for our donors with the means to make a sizeable gift to the CRI Annual Fund. Their gifts often inspire others to give. The smaller, yet equally generous gift has an essential role in the strength and vitality of CRI. The collective efforts of our donors create the foundation for what it means to be a part of our Community. This support also shows favorably with our corporate and foundation supporters who look closely at the number of donors from our Community as a key measure when they determine grants.

Your gift, at ANY level, keeps CRI strong and has a direct impact on the quality of CRI’s programs and experience for everyone that walks through out doors. THANK YOU!