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Community Rowing, Inc.

  • Outreach
  • Middle School Indoor Rowing Program (MSIRP)
  • Row Boston High School Team

Row Boston Girls KateS

CRI has partnered with the Boston Public Schools (BPS) Health and Wellness Department for the purpose of improving student’s health and well-being through 

Let’s Row Boston, a year-round initiative comprised of two programs:

Middle School Indoor Rowing Program (MSIRP)


Row Boston High School Team 

Middle School Indoor Rowing Program (MSIRP)

By bringing rowing machines directly into schools, the MSIRP introduces the sport of rowing to students from all walks of life. The MSIRP operates in PE classes and after school programs in BPS middle schools, and uses a curriculum based on BPS Physical Education standards that has been carefully designed to be educational and engaging by incorporating games, competition, and peer support in each lesson plan. Each school enrolled in the MSIRP goes on a field trip to CRI’s Harry Parker Boathouse for on-water rowing, and at the end of the school year the MSIRP culminates in the Boston Youth Indoor Rowing Championship (BYIRC) where all BPS schools are invited to compete against one another. Youth involved in the MSIRP are invited to compete at C.R.A.S.H.-B, the World Indoor Rowing Championship, and are encouraged to join the Row Boston High School Team, which serves BPS 7-12th grade boys and girls.

Row Boston High School Team

Row Boston is a year round athletic and academic support team for BPS 7-12th grade boys and girls. Row Boston meets five days per week and provides transportation, academic tutoring, college tours and preparation, job training and work opportunities, health and nutrition education, swimming lessons, a competitive athletic team, a network of professional adults, and a life long supportive community all at no cost to the student-athlete. Row Boston’s long term objective is for youth to have the aspirations, confidence, networks, skills, and health to create a positive future for themselves and their communities.

History of the program:

The Row Boston High School Team (originally named Girls-Row Boston or G-Row) was launched in 1998 under the vision of Olympic gold medalist Holly Metcalf to give adolescent girls a voice and an opportunity to develop as athletes and as people. G-Row was based on the belief that the team sport of rowing builds girls’ strength, confidence, and ability to create a positive future for themselves. The proof of this belief can be found in the successes of G-Row’s many graduates. Highlighted each year at the annual Grace, Grit, and Glory: A Celebration of Women Rowers Dinner, G-Row alumni return to CRI to network with one another, meet current Row Boston members, and develop and strengthen their connections in the broader circle of women rowers who have supported the program since its beginning.