Competitive Youth - Summer

Selected athletes will train through the summer, improving their rowing skills and fitness.

Program Description

The Comp Youth Summer program is designed for selected competitive CRI athletes to spend the Summer improving their rowing skills and fitness, culminating with a racing opportunity at Canadian Henley. 

apply here for 2024 girls' summer team  apply here for 2024 u17 boys' summer team

Program Schedule

Athletes will practice at CRI for 6 weeks, before traveling to Canadian Henley to compete in August, with a week-long break after the regatta. U19 and U17 athletes will practice on the same schedule, and may practice in mixed-age crews, depending on development, fitness, and skill level.

Coaches may also prescribe additional workouts to be completed by athletes outside of practice, away from the boathouse.

In order to ensure the best experience for all, coaches will place athletes into different sessions based on previously observed skill and abilities, and using as much information as is available to make this determination. If the coaches later see that the experience could be improved for an athlete by moving them into a different group, they may ask the athlete to transfer to a group that is a better fit for their current skill and abilities.

Financial Aid Information

  • Financial assistance is supported by gifts to the CRI annual fund
  • Awards in aid will be completed at the time when the rower has been accepted, confirmed and is then sent a registration email by CRI.  
  • Requests for financial assistance are not a determining factor for any athlete’s registration by CRI.   


Key CRI Staff Supporting the CYS Program

CRI teams are supported additionally by members of the admin staff. The staff members below can help with the listed areas of question: for all other questions, please reach out to the head coach of your program.

Tara Coleran - Controller (Accounts)

Dues / payments

Nonna Giunta - Director of Programming

Registration questions and process

Which program should I join?

Per USRowing and CRI's policies, athletes participate in rowing activities with the team (Boys or Girls) that best matches their expressed gender identity, regardless of the gender listed on the athlete’s birth certificate or student records, and regardless of whether the athlete has undergone any medical treatment. For further information about this policy, or if you have any questions, please contact Theresa Welsh (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Information for Parents of Competitive Youth Athletes:

Access the CRI Parent Handbook here. This is a “living document” intended to provide parents of Novice and Varsity athletes information and forms. If you have questions about what the program is like for athletes and families, we suggest starting here! Parents and athletes can also learn more about upcoming regattas through the regatta news link below.

Coaching Staff

Athlete Code of Conduct