Spring Opening 2021


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We ask everyone to complete a Rower Wellness Check on the same day you plan to row at CRI.

The "Four Oar Rule" has been lifted as of Monday, April 5      



For singles information, please click here.





  • Depending on the March weather and CRI’s management of the “four oar rule,”  CRI will begin permitting pod rowing among logbook and bow tested adults interested in rowing single or doubles

  • CRI will permit 2 pairs of logbook doubles or “doubles couples” to mix and match up to a group size of 4 to row in doubles beginning the week of March 22 

  • This means

    • Up to 2 sets of doubles can mix and match rowers as a “pod” of four.  

    • We do not want scullers outside that pair of doubles (doubles couple) to row together

  • Anyone interested in rowing in a double must submit their partner (and up to  2 more rowers) at http://bit.ly/cri-2x-pods (see instructions below)

  • Masks must be worn when rowing with more than one person, as well as on the CRI grounds


To Sign Up for CRI Logbook Doubles Pods

  1. Determine your pod: pods can be up to 4 people

    • In Phase 1 (Mar 22-Apr 11) everyone must be 1x tested, since we will not be doing 1x captains tests until after the 4-oar rule is lifted.

    • You can make a pod without a 2x-tested person if members of the pod intend to take their 2x test during this phase (a pod member will be their test partner)

    • To row as a “household double”, both members must register in the same pod.

  2. All pod members pay the CRI Facilities Fee

  3. Register your 3/22-4/11 pod at http://bit.ly/cri-2x-pods before March 22, or your first row.

    • For safety, pods may not change between 3/22 and 4/11.

  4. The week of 4/5 pods re-declare your pod through Memorial Day. 

    • Non-1x tested rowers may be included in the declared pod during this phase, but they may not row in a double until they pass their 1x captain’s test.

  5. If you have questions about this process, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Private Lessons

  • Private lessons in doubles will resume upon return to the water, but rowers in the same double must be part of the same declared pod. This includes 2x captains tests.

  • Private lessons will be permitted in singles once the 4 oar rule is lifted

  • No Drop-in Quads





This spring, for groups of four to ten, CRI will facilitate a way or community to create a program among small groups. As positivity rates continue to fall and vaccination levels increase, this remains the safest way for us to transition back into team boat rowing. Any group of four to ten adult rowers may create a recurring small class program  with the coach of their choice and with any stated purpose – fun, recreation, skill improvement, winning Masters Worlds, sweep rowing before we get back into eights.  Rowing can be conducted in bow coxed fours or quads, even doubles or singles

  • We’ve raised the number of participants to a max of 10 for this type of program so we can accommodate bow coxed fours. Eights and stern-coxed fours are not yet permitted.

  • In order to participate in small class programs, all rowers in the program must agree to be pool tested at CRI regardless of vaccination status, other testing conducted outside of rowing activities, etc.  

  • The rate for small class programs is significantly less than private lessons. The cost and schedule of these programs is dependant on many factors

    • The size of the group

    • The duration of the class (e.g., 1 hour?  90 minutes? 2 hours?!?)

    • The number of weekly sessions requested

  • Masks must be worn when rowing in small class programs as on the CRI grounds 


How to sign up for Small Class Programs

  1. A group of rowers connect with one of our amazing coaches and plan the program including creating a name for the program (this can be as creative as you wish, we need to identify the group for scheduling and equipment assignment purposes… have fun!) 

  2. The coach checks the Equipment Schedule and works with the group to determine a time where the boats are available

  3. By March 28:  The coach then submits a Small Program Equipment Request to Nonna

  4. By April 5:

    • Gabby will assign and approve the boats and a coaching launch, working out any equipment conflicts with the coach

    • Nonna and Gabby will confirm the class.

    • Nonna will create a private link in Regatta Central and send it to the coach to forward to the rowers. There will be two registration links: one for the program, and one for pooled covid testing at CRI. 

  5. April 11: All rowers must be registered for the program, and for pooled testing

    • Testing will begin in the first week of the program. Regardless of practice frequency, rowers will be tested once per week, all together on a specific day.


Other Important Information

  • Masks must be worn at all times by rowers - on the grounds and on the water, unless rowing in a single.

  • Each individual rower must pay the agreed rate for the small class program in full prior to the start of the progtram – payment by rowers will not be based on attendance. 

  • Small Class Programs may not reserve equipment at the expense of regularly scheduled classes or to the detriment of access for other rowers. Nonna and Gabby will determine whether a Small Class Program can be run successfully and communicate to the coach about availability of launches and equipment, and any changes that need to be incorporated.

  • Nonna will approve staffing for Small Class Programs – meaning, a request for coaching from clients does not directly qualify a coach to be approved to run a SCP.

  • All members of the program pay the CRI Facilities Fee 


Small Class Registration Date and Details

First Session will run from April 12 to May 30. Important registration dates and information:  

  • Sunday March 28:  Registration Requests for ALL SCPs are due

    • Subject to boat and coaching launch availability per Gabby

  • April 2:  Program will be confirmed by with the athletes and coach

    • Nonna will create the registration a single link for the SCP that includes testing registration link

      • People must register for the program and for pool testing

        • Pool testing registration will offer rowers two options

          • Rower pays ($112) OR

          • CRI Pays ($0) and CRI will absorb the rest of the cost of testing. Participants may give a donation at checkout to help offset the cost of testing.

  • April 12:  First available week for SCPs and Pool Testing for adult programs




Background and Introduction

  • Pool testing/surveillance testing is meant to provide awareness of the potential spread of COVID at CRI among our teams and groups.  It is intended to assist the CRI Response Team in determining how we might return to and/or maintain team boat operations until there is:

    • Higher herd immunity/lower community spread - either through vaccination or infection

    • Greater ubiquity of personal testing

    • Greater ubiquity of vaccinations

  • This type of testing is not assurance testing - there is no laboratory receipt or reporting to state health authorities.  

  • Pool testing will not replace the successful completion of the CRI Wellness Check:

    • Every participant, every time they come to CRI must successfully complete the Wellness check in order to enter the grounds nor other public safety recommendations (e.g., mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing, etc)

  • Any athlete wishing to row in team boats must participate in the pool testing program regardless of regular testing outside of CRI or other mitigating circumstances



  • CRI will not use vaccinations as a gate for any activities and will not ask rowers if they have been vaccinated

    • Vaccines are not readily available to every member of the community - if CRI uses vaccines as a gateway to access we create potential bias against the un-vaccinated

    • Current vaccinations are efficacious at reducing the risk of death from contracting the disease or reducing the severity of COVID once contracted.  

    • Vaccines are not a guarantee that athletes are immune from COVID, nor that they will reduce spread in our community


CRI Approach to Pool Testing

  • In order to provide the type of effective monitoring we can ensure and enforce, CRI will consider boats of 4 people rowing together a “team boat”.  

    • Rowing in eights or stern-coxed fours will be prohibited until further notice 

  • We will require 

    • Any athlete who would like to participate in team boat rowing must participate in pooled testing.

    • Athletes who choose not to participate in team boat rowing and/or pooled testing and wish to continue rowing may elect to row singles only 

    • Pool sizes between 4-10 athletes: these rowers will row together and test together

      • Coaches must submit names and that the pool “rosters” will not be allowed to change in Phase 1

        • All members of pool will test on the same day

        • Changing Pods

          • For the first pilot, changing pools will not be permitted.  


No Test Taken

  • CRI will monitor testing to assure as full compliance with the program as practical.

    • There are realities around weekly attendance for all programs 

    • Coaches and CRI will permit rowers to miss a test and remain rowing with the team, but only in a single until the below criteria are met

    • To return to team boat rowing with a missed CRI Pool Test, the athlete must 

      • Produce an individual negative or pool negative test before returning to the pool/team boat rowing and/or wait until the pool is tested

        • Scenario - Athlete misses a test, the options are

          • Get an individual test or produce external pool test results to the coach

          • Wait for the next pool test before returning to the small class program 

        • Note:  As long as the individual is captains tested, they may row in a single when they wish as long as they can successfully complete the wellness check 

  • NOTE:  

    • CRI will not allow athletes to workout individually in the community room or indoors while crews are on the water.  

    • All athletes must be supervised by a coach when working out indoors

    • All teams/programs must follow CRI room occupancy restrictions


Testing Frequency

  • Once weekly testing of all athletes


Pool Positive Response (All Programs)

  • Notification / CRUSH THE CURVE  pool results will be reported to 

    • Individuals in the testing pool 

    • Rachel and Beatrice (Testing Implementation Team):

      • Rachel will inform individual coaches of pool positive results 

      • Coaches will

        • Notify athletes 

    • Beatrice will inform the Response Team

      • The Response Team will confirm notification to the individuals and coaches and then post relevant information on the COVID website


Return to Team Activities

  • For pool positive athletes, they may return to team activities as soon as they can

    • produce a negative individual test to their coach, or

    • Return to CRI after 10 days away from CRI provided that they can successfully complete the CRI Wellness Check.

  • CRI will follow ongoing / evolving state and health authority guidelines regarding quarantine requirements regarding attestation and the CRI Wellness Check requirements.


Deconvoluting Pools and Reflex Testing

  • CRI may instruct coaches to adjust the pool sizes based on CRI’s response to pool positive reporting 

  • CRI will not provide reflex testing for pool positives because the individuals will not be able to attest in order to gain entrance to the grounds


Registering and Payment for Pool Testing (All Programs)

  • CRI will create a separate link for registering for testing by program

    • One set of links will be for the full cost of the testing 

    • The other set of links will be for $0 and CRI will absorb the cost of the testing.

    • Because CRI is using this testing as surveillance, we will not require anyone to pay for the testing - just that they participate

      • Scenario:  

        • An adult who is tested at work feels they don’t wish to pay for testing because they are already being tested

        • When registering, they simply elect the $0 pay option when registering for team boat rowing

        • On this registration page, they will be given the option to make a donation to CRI 

        • Only athletes that select the “rower pay” or “CRI pay” option in the testing registration in Regatta Central will be provided access to team boats.  

    • Athletes rowing in team programs who chose to elect to row in singles only (e.g., logbook sculling, sculling classes) will not be required to test 


Adult Testing Process


    • Arrival at CRI 

      • Meet outside

      • Then go to the front desk as a pod

      • NOTE:  

        • CRI will host the schedule of testing dates and volume of tests at the front desk for all SCPs

        • On a daily basis, the front desk will be prepared for the daily/hourly schedule of SCP tests needed 

        • The front desk will be appropriately staffed to complete attestation and adult pool testing smoothly


    • Front Desk staff will:

      • Attest and complete the wellness check and provide supplies to the pool



    • There will be 1 testing station for adult small class programs

    • Front desk person, prints label and gives the “big pool tube” to athletes with swabs

    • First athlete installs the  “big pool tube”on a stable platform in the station and then tests

    • Remaining members of the SCP complete testing

    • The last athlete in the pod, puts lid on the big tube and returns it to FRONT DESK STAFF PERSON

      • FRONT DESK STAFF confirm athlete names of the pod matches swabs

      • FRONT DESK STAFF confirms label is properly set for the pool

      • FRONT DESK STAFF puts the big tube in the cryobox for delivery that day to the Broad


    • Athletes go outside to report to the coaches and begin practice

    • FRONT DESK STAFF will produces two lists

      • List of athletes that tested by pool
      • Note any pool testing athletes missing from all pools

      • Sends the list to Beatrice and the Coach




What is the difference between a pool, a pod, and a class?

A "pool" is a term used only when talking about testing. All of the swabs from people in the same pool are sent to the lab in the same test tube.
A "pod" (sometimes also called a "logbook pod") is a group of up to 4 rowers who elect to row together in logbook doubles. Doubles can be formed with anyone in the pod, but rowers may only be part of one pod.
A "class" is a group of adult rowers who are rowing and testing together this spring in a custom small class program. (Note that our adult rec sculling classes, which start the week of April 19, will still be in singles only, so they will not be participating in testing). A class has a coach, weekly schedule, and assigned equipment, and participants are registered in Regatta Central. Participants sign up to row and test weekly from April 12-Memorial Day 
Can I be in a logbook pod and also take a class with different people?
Yes! A rower may only be in one logbook pod (since there is no testing involved), but they may sign up for a class as well (since the class does involve testing).
Can I take multiple classes with different people?
Yes! A rower may sign up for multiple classes with different people, but they must participate in testing with each class. For example, a rower who takes a Monday class and a Friday class will test with their Monday classmates and with their Friday classmates.

Can CRI provide a test receipt?

You will receive a registration confirmation email via Regatta Central, and your test results via email from the Crush The Curve testing software. If you require additional documentation, please contact rachel.purington@communityrowing.org.