Rental Information

Community Room
Community Room
Community Room

Harry Parker Boathouse
Rental Information

Community Rowing, Inc. is delighted to host your special event this year. Accepting bookings through fiscal year 2016, CRI’s Community Room is located in the stunning Harry Parker Boathouse on the bank of the Charles River in Boston. With beautiful balconies overlooking the water, windows that frame the setting sun and provide a stunning 150 degree view of the River, CRI’s venue is the most elegant and inviting new space in Boston. Recognized by the Boston Globe as the best new building in the city. Plan your event in a venue that is as special as your celebration.

The maximum capacity for rentals is 180 - 200 persons for a sit down dinner with dance floor and 220 for a cocktail reception. The rental area is limited to the 3,040 square foot Community Room on the second floor, kitchen, and balconies.   The Harry Parker Boathouse is fully accessible for all, with elevators to the second floor as well as handicapped accessible men’s and women’s restrooms. Special permission may be granted for excursion boats to land on the docks to drop off or pick up passengers. For events with a capacity 500+, depending on the schedule and availability, outdoor space maybe rented. Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in or around the building and grounds, including the balconies and the outside areas on the river side of the building. Smokers must be directed towards the parking lot on the road side of the building.

Contact: Sharanya at 617-779-8264 between the hours of 9am and 5pm or

Equipment included with rental includes (to be set-up & broken down by client):

  • 20 round tables, 5′ diameter, seating 8 each (10 maximum)
  • 5 rectangular tables , 8′ length, aprox. 2 ½ ‘ width, seating 8-10 each
  • 180 folding white wooden chairs, cushion seats

Audio Visual Equipment (Indoors only):

  • LCD Projector and Projector Screen
  • Presentation Screen Only
  • In-House Sound System
  • Wireless handheld Microphone

CRI maintains a galley kitchen with non-commercial appliances including refrigerator.


Community Rowing, Inc. does not have a preferred caterer. We do require that any caterer be licensed in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Health regulations.

All decorations, food, trash and cooking or serving items must be removed from the CRI property immediately after the event by the caterer and/or the renter: i.e. - take it with you! Failure to do so will result in withholding of all or a part of the security deposit.

Private Event Permits
It is the responsibility of the renter to secure the following permits under the renter’s name at least 30 days prior to the event:

  • Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Special Use Permit*
  • One Day Liquor License from the City of Boston*
  • Hire 1 Police Detail*

*CRI Event Manager will email you the DCR Special Use Permit application and the One Day Liquor License Application upon your request and will also hire the Police Detail for all events.  The fees associated with these two permits and the police detail are the renter’s responsibility.

Private Event Permit & Police Detail Fees

  • DCR Special Use Permit—$35
  • One Day Liquor License—$75 if you are only serving beer and wine, or $150 if you are serving any other type of alcoholic beverage.
  • 1 Police Detail for 0 -4 hours is $193.60.  1 Police Detail for 5 - 8 hours is $387.20.

All the three fees will be added onto your overall Rental Fee.  (A separate check is not required.)

    Liquor may be served but not sold in any manner, directly, or indirectly such as by chits at the door, contributions, whatsoever. Keg beer is not permitted at any event. If any alcohol is served, the renter (licensee)/caterer/bartender must provide CRI with a certificate of liquor liability insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 naming Community Rowing Inc. as an additional insured. The club requires that you hire a professional bartender if alcohol is served.
    Liquor delivery should be arranged to coincide with the arrival by the caterer. All liquor left after an event must be taken away, not left at the CRI. CRI may deduct from the security deposit for failure to adhere to this policy.

    Club Monitor
    CRI requires that a club monitor be present during all rentals.

    State Police Detail
    A required State Police Detail is arranged for by the club and charged to the renter at the ‘block’ rate of $193.60 for zero through four hours or $387.20 for five through eight hours. The renter supplies a separate check in advance made payable to the Massachusetts State Police for the appropriate amount.

    Fee Schedule:
    General Rental Fee: covers eight (8) hours

    • Saturdays: $ 6,000
    • Sundays: $4,000
    • Security Deposit: $ 1,600 (for groups greater than 20 people)

    CRI Rower Rate

    NOTE: In order to qualify for the rower rate you must be an active rower at CRI for more than one year prior to reserving your date.

    • Saturdays @ $ 600/hour*
    • Sundays @ $ 500/hour*
    • Security Deposit: $ 1,000

    * 4 hours minimum

    Setup & Event Start Times

    • Saturdays - Setup may begin no earlier than 2pm and the event may begin no earlier than 3pm
    • Sundays - Setup may begin no earlier than 9am and the event may begin no earlier than 11am

    Post Midnight Premium

    Upon request, the CRI Board may grant permission for use of the premises for one hour after midnight at a rate of $300 per hour. In addition, if a renter without such permission fails to vacate the premises before midnight, CRI will assess a penalty of $1000/hour or fraction thereof and will revoke future rental privileges.

    Additional Set-up/ Clean-up Time
    Fees quoted above include one hour before and one hour after rental time. Additional time for set up or clean up available @ $ 150/hour (other than after midnight when premium or penalty applies.)  Post midnight cleanup is $300 for the first hour past midnight and is doubled each hour that follows.

    Security Deposit Policy
    Security deposits are returned three weeks after the event. The most common reasons for withholding all, or part of the security deposit are excessive cleaning (avoid confetti, sparkles, rice, etc.), a pulled fire alarm, or running overtime. These items are within the control of the renter and can be avoided.

    **Community Rowing’s fiscal year begins at November 1st and ends on October 31st.


    Contact: Sharanya at 617-779-8264 between the hours of 9am and 5pm or email: